This is the official site of the Pot Lid Circle, a club founded in 1965 for collectors of Antique Pot Lids &Prattware. We have a membership of over 250 collectors across the world in countries including: UK, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Circle was formed to enable collectors to advance their knowledge and share information on a truly enthralling hobby. With over 400 transfer printed subjects to find both on Pot Lids and are, with price ranging from £25 – £6500.

Every collector can aim their collection to suit their choice and pocket.

What do I get if I join The Pot Lid Circle?

A quarterly newsletter and three meetings a year. These meetings are UK based at venues that have relevance to the subject matter we find on Pattware/Pot Lids, i.e. Weekend visits to Sandringham, Walmer Castle, Osborne House, Pegwell Bay etc. We also have a Summer Meeting, when members open their doors to allow their collection to be viewed. These meetings also provide and opportunity to buy, sell and swap which is always a popular addition to a meeting.

I’ve only got a small collection…….

We all started with a small collection. By joining you will join a group of friendly collectors eager to pass on knowledge, help and advice.

How much does it cost to join?

£15 UK Membership per year. £20 World Wide Membership per year.

How do I join?

You can easily join us by emailing: enquiries@thepotlidcircle.co.uk.